Call us today for a FREE residential consultation! Virtually all of our competitors will charge you $100-200 for an in-home consultation. At World Vision, you will never pay for information or planning of your system. We take pride in understanding your dreams for your space and making them a reality. We strive to make your reality better than your dreams!

Home Theater

Home theaters offer a dedicated space to enhance your viewing experience. You can use them to cheer for a football game, watch movies with family, or view a concert as if you’re actually there! Here at World Vision we offer free sight surveys to determine your needs before you we write you a quote. We also offer the World Vision Reference Series™, which is a suite of systems that are tested and certified to a specific standard. For those who expect more than the average. It is important for us to spend time with each of our customers, so we can understand their needs and guide a solution that fits their home and dreams perfectly! By partnering together, we help you get the absolute best home theater solution for your space.

Media Room

Media rooms can take the technological capabilities in your home to new level! They are not only spaces to entertain friends and family, but they are social experiences. A dedicated home theater room should be flexible and be capable of multi-tasking. Follow some basic rules and you will have a room that will be one of the most used rooms in your house. Secondly, it must be engaging. That means the biggest best video and audio experience that you can afford within your budget. We specialize in the best value to price point equipment on the market and we stay on top of the shifts and improvements that happen within technology. Use top-notch audio visual systems to feel immersed in your concerts, video games, or jam sessions.

Options Include:

  • Surround Sound Systems
  • Home Theater / TV Mounting
  • Streaming Media
  • Gaming Console Integration
  • Home Office Integration / Cloud IaaS Leasing Plans
  • Whole House Automation and Energy Conservation Systems
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • AI Enabled Camera Systems / Wireless Cameras
  • Accessibility Systems

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At World Vision, we understand the art of room acoustics. We can design a home audio system with music distribution throughout the home or within a dedicated music listening room. We know the best home theater speakers, receivers, amplifiers, media players, music servers, Mirage, Sonos, Airplay and more.

Outdoor audio options are perfect for entertaining family and friends. Whether it’s rock speakers among the landscaping, pool speakers, in ground subwoofers or whatever your imagination cooks up, we have the solutions to make it happen.